10 Things To Do To Kick-Off Your Wedding Planning Process


The most special moment has finally arrived. Wow just wow, you have an engagement ring and you’re getting married to your soulmate. This is going to be one of the best times of your life as you and your special fiancé start to plan a bright future together.

There are endless options to think about how to get started. No need for you to be overwhelmed because the rest of the team at Los Serranos Country Club has you covered! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 things you and your fiancé can do when you get engaged.


1. Announce the great news to your family, close friends, and everyone else. 

A special milestone in your life like being engaged deserves to be shared with your family. After all, family comes first right? Your family will appreciate the news coming from you personally. If anything, this is a moment your family has been waiting for patiently. Then, go ahead and tell your friends about your engagement and post throughout your social media, etc.


2. Spend some quality time being happy together. 

After delivering the good news to all the people in your intermediate circle, the best thing to do is spend some quality time with your partner. The rest of the wedding planning process will come. In the meantime, enjoy the “just got engaged” feeling with your partner for as long as possible!


3. Get your engagement ring sized. 

You received your ring from your partner, what’s next? Chances are your partner already did some research of their own to get the proper ring size for you. If this is not the case, get your ring properly sized and insured as soon as possible.


4. Take photos with your fiancé. 

Nothings better than posing with your partner. Open up your Instagram and make it be known that you’re engaged!


5. Start thinking about your bridesmaids & groomsmen. 

How many bridesmaids and groomsmen do you each want at your wedding? No matter the number, you need to plan ahead of time before you start asking your friends.


6. Set a timeline.

Everyone imagines how their dream wedding will turn out. Now’s the time to think about the best wedding season for you and your fiancé. Are you feeling warm & cozy for the fall? Cool & cold for the winter? Or something light & flowy for the spring? (just like this one at Los Serranos Country Club).

Photo taken by Mario Herrera Photography


7. Research wedding venues.

Once you’ve decided on a theme and season, now it’s time to look at particular wedding venues! Your wedding venue sets the overall theme, so it is important to do some research! Have you considered the reception space? Do you want your wedding to be indoors or outdoors? Or maybe a combination of both? If you are considering these options, Los Serranos Country Club is the perfect wedding venue for you.



8. Set the date and book your wedding.

Once all the prior steps are completed, now it’s time to go all-in! Set your wedding date and make sure to mark it throughout all of your calendars. After your wedding date is all set and stone – contact the wedding venue of your choice and book it as soon as you can!


Photo taken by Mario Herrera Photography



9.  Relax.

As the rest of the wedding planning process makes its way, take a couple of weeks to let the news really sink in. Use this time to de-stress as much as possible and just savor the moment!


10. Look for some inspiration.

Gather some inspiration before you finalize your wedding plans. With your partner, brainstorm and consider what the wedding theme will be like. Now is a great time to research preferred vendors such as: photographers, florists, and bakeries. Also, make sure to look through magazines, websites, and utilize Pinterest to narrow down both of your interests.





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