There are already so many factors that go into planning your wedding – no matter when your big day falls on the calendar. When the planning process occurs during the coronavirus pandemic, prepare to plan for anything during these uncertain times.  As of now, there are numerous moving parts surrounding COVID-19 – and since this situation is fluid, everything depends on how you plan your wedding, wedding date, location, guest count, and travel arrangements.

Couples around the world are facing the COVID-19 pandemic and doing the necessary actions to navigate through these uncertain times. Like you, our team has developed some tips on how to safely plan a wedding during this time.


Wedding Planning Essentials


1.Start a website or blog to keep your guests updated – Communication is essential

While you are making all of these changes for your wedding and also being busy with your life, it is hard to keep up with all of your wedding guests asking what is going on, are you postponing, what is your venue doing, etc. We advise that you have one form of media that your wedding guests can keep them updated in one place that guest can check for updates. Updating each guest individually can sometimes be overwhelming.


2. Stay Organized

Wedding plans are still uncertain but things are changing daily. The best thing to do is keep your plans organized. Keep up with your vendors on any changes that you may have. Make sure that if you do change your wedding date, that your vendors are available on that date as well.


3. Virtual Wedding

Having a virtual wedding is IN! People get to celebrate you from the comfort of their homes. But most importantly, you still get to have the most important and intimate day shared with the ones you love. I suggest making sure you have done a few run-throughs with the system before you start. Make sure sound and video stream are clear. Hire videography or live streaming service, so that it is done professionally. Beyond just live stream or Zoom, record the ceremony so that your guests can re-watch it on your website in case they missed it.


4. Remember to LOVE

No matter how frustrating or stressful these times can be, and no matter what gets thrown in your way, focus on what is most important – LOVE! Don’t let the magic of celebrating your love go just because of COVID. Lean on your partner in these uncertain times, but also allow them to lean on you.  Keep remembering that no amount of COVID limitations can break you and ruin what is most important.

Alexandra Ghilarducci Director Of Catering at The Crossings at Carlsbad



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