The venue you choose for your big day sets the tone for your event. Wedding planning can get hectic as the day comes closer! Luckily at Los Serranos Country Club, we developed five basic guidelines that will help you and your partner narrow down the venue that’s right for you.


Talk to a wedding planner

Consulting with a wedding planner should be the first priority. Wedding planners specialize in transforming spaces that cater towards your vision. This will allow you to discuss the location and the season for when you want your wedding to take place.


Choose a venue matching your vision

Once you expressed interest towards a wedding planner, now is the time to research and visit venues in person. If you’re looking for a wedding incorporating natural elements, look at venues that work great with the outdoors, weather, and variety. Choosing the right venue will enhance both you and your guests overall experience.


Know your guest count

This is an important conversation to have early as you’re looking at venues in person. This will allow you gauge how many people are able to RSVP because the last thing you want is a small venue space with guests at its max capacity.


Plan your budget

One of the key decisions you have to make when choosing a wedding venue is how much you can spend on a space. Make sure to consider what vendors are going to be included – photographers, florists, bakery, and music. Talk to your partner, loved ones, and anyone else that’s supporting financially to come up with the total budget plan.


Make it final 

When everything is all set and stone, make sure you and your partner receive the final contract. Always make sure to pay close attention to the contract details and understand the payment schedule. Once you and your partner feel comfortable, sign the contract, and celebrate!






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